September Awareness Month

October is now here. While September Awanress Month has passed us by for another year, the CCA is committed to raising awareness for ALL months of the year!

In our dedication to improving the lives of Chiari patients, we are currently working on the following:


1. Long term project of working with schools & school boards directly and through public health, to assist students of all ages succeed in their academics.

2. Continuing to work with the medical community to assist patients in accessing proper care.

3. Restructuring the membership platform to better service our members. We are looking at reopening memberships in 2017. 

4. Developing new awareness and fundraising programs to broaden our audience.


Together we can make a difference and help everyone who lives with Chiari every day!

Chiari Awareness Day in Ottawa

September 24th, 2016 was Chiari Awareness Day in the City of Ottawa. It was also our 3rd annual awareness walk. Thank you to everyone who came out and raised funds to assist the CCA.

Logan's Latest Chiari Journey

As many of you know we have been following Logan's chiari journey for some time. Here is an update on his latest struggles.

On June 6th, 2016, the doctors in London Ontario attempted to perform Logan's third decompression surgery. However the surgery had to be aborted after accidently nicking Logan's blood vessels that were blocking the path for decompression. At that time, they put his VP lumbar shunt back in as it had come out. Logan's con...dition got worse and his neurosurgeon was going away for two weeks so they sent him immediately to Toronto Sick Kids where they had gotten opinions on his case. Toronto Sick Kids decided to give Logan another shunt after diagnosing him with hydrocephalus due to very high ICP numbers. He received a new shunt and it drained much of the excess fluid from his brain. After one week in Toronto, Logan was released and sent home last Wednesday to recover and wait to see if the new shunt will make a difference in his symptoms. Another decompression awaits him in Toronto in the near future to relieve the brain compression further.

As a result, the CCA is pleased to announce that they have approved funding for Logan and his mother from the CCA's financial assistance program. This program was set up in 2015 to help people like Logan, cope with expenses during financially difficult times. This money will be used to help cover the costs of housing, meals, and transportation while he is being treated at Toronto Sick Kids hospital. We are happy to be able to help.

We will continue to follow his journey and pray for a speedy recovery for our superhero Logan.


Rare Disease Day

Today is Rare Disease Day!

Rare Disease Day is to raise awareness for rare disease patients and the impact on the lives of patients and their families. 1 in 12 Canadians has a rare disease, while many more go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Chiari Malformation can be congenital or acquired and it is only one of thousands of rare diseases that can occur in families.

 For more information about this global awareness effort, please visit www.rarediseaseday.org

Chiari Awareness Walks Across Canada - 2015

On September 12th and 19th, the CCA held walks in Whitby ON, Ottawa ON, Kingston ON, Matheson ON, and White Rock BC.  Although there was rain, it did not hamper the spirits and enthusiam of those that gathered to help spread awareness for chiari and also to raise money for our financial assistance programs.  In all, we were able to raise approx. $5,700 which was a great accomplishment.

Also we were successful in getting the Toronto CN Tower, Ottawa City Hall and Niagara Falls lit purple in honour of September being Chiari Awareness Month.

We would like to thank our many volunteers, organizers walkers, and donors for helping make these events memorable and successful. 

We look forward to even bigger events in 2016.


Meet Logan - Chiari Superhero

We would like you to meet Logan - our Chiari superhero! While his Mom was pregnant with Logan in 2009, the doctors thought Logan might have Downs Syndrome. Further testing showed that he did not but his neck measurements were not normal. He was born 2 weeks early but it was a normal birth. Logan's Mom knew something wasn't right from the beginning. He never met any of his milestones. He had strange episodes where he turned gray and his body would go limp. He had many tests and hospital visits but doctors were unable to pinpoint anything.

At the age of 2, Logan had his first MRI where they were given the diagnosis of Chiari Malformation. Two weeks later he was undergoing his first decompression surgery. It was a 6 hour operation and he was released 5 days later only to be readmitted the next day for a CSF leak followed by a revision surgery. He was released again however a few day later but again another leak. This time he developed meningitis. He received a PIC line and was hospitalized for another 4 months. He went home but continued to have random hospitalizations until they went for a second opinion at Toronto's Sick Kids where it was decided that he needed a second decompression surgery. Logan was hospitalized for 9 weeks and in the end he received a spinal shunt from his neck to his stomach. Logan is missing his C1 C2 vertebrae and will need his head fused when he reaches a teenager.

Logan suffers Drop Attacks and has been diagnosed with Brain Delay. He will need shunt surgeries for the rest of his life and continues to have on-going Chiari related pain.  Logan truely is our strongest Chiari Hero.



Renfrew 2014 Chiari Awareness Walk

On Saturday Sept 13, 2014, a small but enthusiastic group of walkers braved the rainy weather to walk and raise awareness for Chiari in Renfrew Ontario. In spite of the small numbers, they were able to raise almost $300 for the Canadian Chiari Association. Linda was also successful in getting the local Renfrew paper to publish an article to bring awareness for Chiari and the Canadian Chiari Association. Many thanks to Linda Kavanaugh Thacker and Jackie Recoskie for organizing this inaugural event. 

Ottawa 2014 Chiari Awareness Walk

On Sunday Sept 7, 2014, dozens of walkers joined organizers Julie Meilleur and Jenn Mathewson as well as the mayor of Ottawa for the inaugurial Chiari awareness walk around Britannia Park. They were able to raise over $2,000 for the Canadian Chiari Association. Julie and Jenn were also successful in getting the Ottawa city hall heritage building lit purple for the event. Many thanks to Jenn and Julie for organizing this event.


Whitby 2014 Chiari Awareness Walk

On Sunday Sept 7, 2014, organizers Janet Hussey and Cathy Crick held their 3rd annual walk for Chiari awareness at Whitby\'s Heydenshore Park. Janet and Cathy has seen this event grow from only a few walkers the first year to 85 walkers this year. They were joined by Whitby mayor Pat Perkins who helped them raise over $2,200 for the Canadian Chiari Association. Thanks to Janet and Cathy for organizing another successful event.

CCA Now has Charity Status

The Board of Directors are happy to announce that as of April 10th, 2014, the Canadian Chiari Association has been granted charity status by the Canadian Revenue Agency. We are now able to accept donations and give tax receipts for any donation over $15. Our charity registration number for tax purposes is 83611 2433 RR0001

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